Gratitude from our heart to yours

I absolutely love this studio! I spent nearly 2 years trying out studios before I finally found the one that feels like home.
— Brittany L., Google
All of the teachers have their own unique style and their sequences are constantly changing. I love being challenged not just physically but emotionally, too, while learning that yoga isn’t just about the physical. You won’t be disappointed with time spent at Yoga for Life!
— Megan C., Google
Yoga For Life has changed my life is so many beautiful, positive ways!!! I love the instructors, the space, the energy... I am so very thankful to be a part of this amazing studio.
— Jenny F., Facebook
I am often frustrated with so many of the ‘yoga’ classes I am taking, as there seems to be more of an attempt to be a fitness class, a booty class, an aerobics class, and not a yoga class. My experience at Yoga for Life was none of the above and just awesome. Great flow, great and mindful series, beautiful pacing and clear instructions. I wish they would move to Houston!
— Jane w., Facebook

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

September 4 to November 3, 2019

A yoga training program is so much more than a learning to instruct a fitness routine for Hatha and Vinyasa classes. It involves not only postures, alignments, and vocabulary, but the ability to help practitioners in a class live better, physically, as well as energetically and mentally. That is art and science united through appreciation of lineages, history, and philosophy; leveraging your individual strengths and weaknesses; learning breath-work, body-work, energy-work, and furthering your own practice. Yoga for Life offers a most comprehensive curriculum to equip you as educated yoga instructors and teachers, and is a Yoga Alliance certified school since 2011.

Yoga Teacher Training 300 hr home

Journey into meditation


Hosted in serene cabins of Silver Falls Lodge in the quiet of January, this course is steeped in ancient, proven techniques that have led practitioners to lifted states of consciousness, and overcome personal hurdle and suffering. These practices are mostly unknown to western concepts of yoga, but they are within your reach now. Here, instead of focusing on asanas and vinyasas, this journey is all about introspection through effective Hindu and Buddhist practices. You will walk away with ‘sequences’ for your meditation progression, with Pranayama and Bandha.