Stay Tuned for Details on the 2018 Purposeful Living Program Dates

Before this class I had never heard the term ‘purposeful living’. But, over several weeks I have come to know it as living my life in alignment with my dharma – the purpose of my soul in this life.
— 2015 Graduate
As a result of growth during the program, I have no fear of failure, know more personal peace, have become more content and cheerful in many circumstances than before; have a sincere belief that I have the ability to create the world that I live in, and know ways to continue to evolve and grow.
— 2016 Graduate

Purposeful Living

Individual consciousness does not expand and evolve by itself; one has to cultivate consciousness purposefully in order to evolve as a human being. Designed for a slower and meaningful personal immersion into the yoga practice, this training is to develop a deeper relationship with and expansion of personal consciousness. You’ll learn philosophical truths across religions, and foundations of Buddhism and Hinduism. The curriculum inspires participants toward happiness, and effortlessness in living purposefully. Additionally, attendees will also read meaningful yogic texts, practice various lineages of asana and meditation practices, and utilize tools of chakra, rasa, personality discovery, internal strengths to enhance your Self awareness.
You will walk away from the program having a deep understanding of the meaning and practices of yoga, knowing who you truly are, what your purpose in this life is, and what changes you need to make (if any) to live a joyful life from within that will make your decisions, actions, interactions, and relationships meaningful.

What you will learn

  • Understand the principles of Yoga, Dharma, and Karma and how to meaningfully apply those in personal life
  • Methods of attention and concentration development
  • Techniques for gaining control over emotions and thoughts
  • Playbook of happiness and how to see your potential through seeking happiness
  • Techniques and principles of Pranayamas & Bandhas
  • Effective Himalayan techniques for deepening personal Meditation practice
  • Cultivation of Chakras and Rasas through sounds and Yoga
  • Integrated Spirituality: Teaching Yogic Truths across all belief systems
  • Discovery of your belief-system and how to overcome hindrances
  • Self-discovery of the path that you are on, what got you here, and how well it is serving you
  • Defining your true-self: Modalities of Ayurveda, Archetypes, Astrology to self-identify your strengths and get tools to identify your Dharma
  • Book discussion groups, using malas, visualization techniques, and much more