Program Application

The journey into yoga is an inspiring and sacred step.  And while there is a world of unknown, that world will not reveal itself without taking this step.  For almost all yoga teachers graduating from the Yoga for Life teachers' training program, their lives have unfolded beautifully -- whether it be in relation to yoga, or in relation to a community, or in their personal relationships.  This is where friendship forms, this is where memories are made, this is where you learn about the essence of your being. Welcome to this beautiful and personal journey! 

Please take the time to answer all the questions.  Please allow yourself a quiet state of mind and about 60 minutes of time to respond.  We review all responses with care and thought.  Please write your responses in a Word document and copy-paste responses in the fields below; in case you lose internet connection, or accidentally move away from this page you may lose your work otherwise.

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This program is strenuous. Do you have any physical limitation that will prevent you from participating in the program? *
During the program there may be recording, photography, and videography that can be used for marketing and learning purposes. Are you okay with that? *