Meet Our Teachers 

We're a collection of dedicated, caring, compassionate yoga-nerds who just can't wait to share a class with you!

The Golden Rule: Take Care of Your People

Since day one, we've built our yoga community on three core values: (1) Teach intelligent and inspiring yoga classes.  (2) Provide excellent customer service.  (3) Build a yoga community.

We've worked towards this goal by ensuring that our teaching staff aligns with these values and our community's needs. The result? Magic! A fantastic, support, caring group of educated and experienced yoga teachers.  

Here's a little bit about how we continue to foster growth within our teaching community: 

  • All workshops from visiting teachers are offered to our teachers at cost.
  • Most workshops and lectures offered by resident teachers are open to our teachers for free.
  • We offer free unlimited yoga classes to your significant other of family member for free. 
  • All retail products are offered to our teachers at 30% discount.
  • Teachers can take advantage of payment plans for advanced Yoga for Life trainings.
  • Twice a year we get together to celebrate this community.
  • Besides we all take pride in receiving feedback and critique from our fellow teachers to help us grow continuously.

Join Our Teaching Community

If you're 500-hour certified (or wanting to be 500-hour certified) and if you align with our values, please reach out to us--we'd love to hear from you! Email: