Asana Tutorials


How To: Hanumanasana (longitudinal splits)

If you are working towards longitudinal splits you will need to prepare two areas of the body: the hamstrings of the front leg, and the quads and hip-flexors of the back leg.

Watch this video to see how to stretch these areas of the body in preparation for splits. Remember to warm up the muscles first by doing some dynamic or static strengthening (“warming up”), and when you start moving into splits aim to keep your hips square without letting the back-leg-hip open too much.

Most importantly have fun!

How To: Yogidandasana (foot in the armpit)

In order to prepare yourself for Yogidandasana or foot in the armpit you will have to create flexibility in your hip in two directions of mobility: flexion and external rotation. In this video we will show you three poses which will get you there if practiced over time: lizard lunge, pigeon and finally figure four pose with a twist.

Remember to always warm up your muscles before stretching them by doing static and/or dynamic strengthening exercises, and use the breath to explore your edge in these poses. If you practice these poses regularly you will see progress, so even if you cannot attain the pose right away keep working at it and you will get it.