Certified Yoga Training Programs

Whether you want to be a yoga teacher, or want to truly dive deeper in your own practice, join us for our 300-Hour, 500-hour, or Master Yoga immersion programs. 

Transform your relationship with yoga with one of our yoga training programs, in which you’ll learn in-depth yoga anatomy and how it applies to you and your students, yoga postures, a meaningful yoga sequence, posture alignment, yoga philosophy, history, and the lineages of yoga. This foundation curriculum serves as a launching pad for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the practice of yoga, transform their practice, and seriously consider teaching yoga.


Want to learn all of this, but do not want to teach

Yoga training is not about teaching yoga; we all have different aspirations and the journey of understanding theories, philosophy and asanas can be transformational for us all. Join Raj Patra for the Purposeful Living Program, which is designed to help you uncover your true nature and inspire you forward through the wisdom of yoga.


Already a yoga teacher

We offering continuing yoga education opportunities, including 500-hour training and Universal Yoga training with renowned yoga master, Guruji Andrey Lappa.