New to Yoga for Life?

Start your YFL journey today as a “Curious Practitioner”

$40 gets you UNLIMITED yoga classes for 4 weeks.
That’s only the price of 2 drop-in classes!

It takes a minimum of 3 weeks to create a habit, so we've structured our introductory package to see some transformation in your yoga journey. Try as many of our class styles, teachers and class-schedule to find what works best for you.

EXTEND YOUR YFL EXPERIENCE: Get three months of unlimited yoga for only $89/month, If you purchase before your 4-weeks expire, if you purchase before your 4-weeks expire.

New to yoga and don’t know where to begin?

We’ll help you with a free consultation. Inquire in studio or email for more information.

$40 for Unlimited Yoga


  • Free towel rentals

  • 1 free initial consultation

  • 1 free follow up consultation

  • Discount when you sign up for the Unlimited Membership!

  • Ample time to experience a variety of yoga classes, teachings and schedules

Ready to commit to your practice?

No matter where your practice is today, we will help you grow.

Our classes are taught by highly educated, well-trained teachers who will inspire you to safely advance your practice.

Whether you want to get into handstand, deepen meditation practice, or simply get into a wellness routine, we are here to support you.

Results can only come from steady practice, and at only $120/month, we will help you accomplish results. If you practice 2 to 3 times per week, this is the most economic way to go. Cancel anytime without any penalty.



  • Free towel rentals

  • 1 free consultation

  • Discounted one-on-ones

  • 1 guest pass every month

  • Discounted workshops

  • Discounted merchandise

  • No minimum monthly commitment

  • Account pauses = yes!

  • Cancel anytime (2 weeks advance notice of next billing cycle)

Class Cards

$300 for 25 classes

That makes each class only $12.

Expires 12 months from date of purchase.

Want it cheaper? Ask us how.

$150 for 10 classes

That makes each class only $15.

Expires 6 months from date of purchase.

Want it cheaper? Ask us how.


$20 regular drop-in | $10 community** drop-in | $35/week out-of-towner***

*Existing customers: Don’t worry! If you would like to stay at your current package you will be grandfathered in.

**Community classes are taught by new teachers; they are discounted because this an opportunity for new teachers to get the hang of teaching in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

***If you’re visiting Portland, we’d like to make you feel at home with a full week of yoga for less than the price of 2 drop-ins