10 Classes for $20

Yes, that's two dollar per class for your first 10 classes within three weeks of your first class.  If you are new to Yoga for Life, or relatively new to yoga, this is it! This deal is an excuse-killer! Most of our classes are for all levels.  So enroll, pick a class, and show up!

2 Months for $70

If you are new to Yoga for Life, and already know how awesome yoga feels, grab this introductory deal instead. Seriously, at only $35/month for two months, we challenge you to find a better deal. Congratulations, you are about to make the right decision!



Frequently Asked Questions

I've never been to Hot Yoga for Life before. How do I get started?

Welcome to an inspiring community of teachers, friends, and yogis!

Here’s how to get started:

1. Check the schedule here. Choose your desired class time and location,

2. Arrive early. Arrive 20 minutes prior to your desired class start time to complete a new-student registration form–you’ll also need a valid ID. There’s no need to pre-register or reserve online.

3. Come prepared. Bring a mat, towel, water. It’s up to 105 degrees in the studio and you will sweat. You need something to stand on (the mat), something to catch your sweat (the towel), and something to rehydrate (the water). We have showers, so if you’d like to shower off after class, please bring an additional towel. Sorry, we do not rent mats or towels.

4. Come hydrated. Nothing beats pure water to stay hydrated. Please ensure you’re drinking an appropriate amount of water the day before, the day of, and the day after your hot yoga class.

How does the 10-classes for $20 work?

It’s simple: pay only $20 on your first visit and get 10 classes! Yes, that’s $2 per class.

Our introductory offer is so low because we want you to take more than a class or two with us. Taking multiple classes at our studios offers you the opportunity to feel the heat, get to know our teachers, and get a feel for our incredible student community.

10-for-$20 or 2-Months-for-$70 Intro Offer Details:

  • You can choose one of the two offers and cannot have both.
  • If you start with 10-for-$20, but change your mind, you can transfer to 2-months-for-$70 offer
  • This is a one-time introductory offer for new local residents with valid ID.
  • 10 intro classes must be used within three weeks of your first class.
  • We do not roll over unused classes from the 10-for-$20 intro offer.
  • We cannot pause or transfer the 10-for-$20 intro offer.