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Advanced Meditation Course: 10 Days

  • Yoga For Life 714 N Fremont St. Portland, OR 97227 (map)

This 100-hour, 10-day curriculum will consist of one weekend session at Yoga for Life studio in North Portland, and 9 days of lectures, practices and personal observances at a residential retreat center, approximately 2 hours of driving distance from Portland, OR. To see rapid immersion in the tranquility of your meditation practices, you will need to disconnect from routine, distractions, demands, and normalcy of personal life. The speed with which you will tap into your innate abilities, when you follow these skillful means, may surprise you! This immersion will give you specific tools and practices that you can carry for the rest of your life to cultivate peace within, spiritual growth, personal inspiration, and faith in your innate abilities. You will get ample time putting theories to practice because ‘internal practice’ is exactly that … practice. Ultimately what you learn will help you break down your Samskaras (patterns of likes and dislikes) and bonds of Karma, which is why Himalayan Yogis have been fine-tuning such disciplines for centuries.

What you will learn:

  • Practices specific to last five limbs of Raja Yoga: Pranayamas (kriyas of breath), Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), Dharana (single-pointed focus), Dhyana (returning attention to the source of attention), and Samadhi (the various stages and processes of self-realization through Upayas).

  • Advanced techniques of Pranayam and custom sequence to cleanse Nadis (energetic channels) and remove of Granthis (energetic blocks)

  • Advanced techniques of Bandhas and custom sequence to awaken subtle energy channels and centers of your body

  • Cultivation of single-pointed focus internally, using kriyas of the second and third Mayakoshas (shells of human awareness), which includes energetic shell (bandhas and pranayams), and psychic-emotional shell (chakra and rasa)

  • Methods of invoking symbols and colors of all major and some minor chakra

  • Techniques of Kundalini awakening, and understanding of six layers of liberation

  • Techniques for removing worries, tension, and stress in a very short period of time through persistent practice; motivations/patterns for successful long-term personal practice

  • Concepts and controls of union, death, rebirth, relationships

  • Safe practices and usage of Neti pot, Basti (enema), guided fasting, and observances of silence

  • Invoking dormant energy through the process of fasting, practicing silence, and methods of Brahmacharya for household men and women

  • Innate and learned abilities of masculine and feminine individuals