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Mala Making Workshop

Elevate your meditation practice while looking good

You are invited to a very unique workshop that intersects meditation, spirituality, and handicrafts, as practiced in Nepal and India for millennia.

Mala is made from any variety of wood, stone, glass, bones, crystal, or semiprecious gem beads, 108 of which are skillfully woven together interlaced with intricate knots. In the end, a "Guru" bead unites the two ends of a linear string into a loop of infinite symbolism. In practices of mindfulness, such a mala becomes a tool to focus our mind by either chanting a Mantra, or reinforcing breath, or allowing the mind to find an anchor when it tends to wander away.

Whether you want a Mala for beautification, decorative purposes, or for your personal practice, this workshop will teach you all the techniques, tricks, and sliding knots to compete with any professional Malas of the highest quality at a fraction of the cost.


a. Tweezers

b. While the workshop will provide basic beads to learn techniques, you are welcome to buy and bring 108 beads of your choice (plus a few extra, just in case)

c. String of any color you choose for weaving the beads, about 5 feet (preferably nylon). the string must pass through the holes in the beads

d. Guru bead (just ask the shop for it!)

You can buy these easily at any local stone, or bead shop. Every stone has different healing and energetic property. Ask the store to share their expertise with you. You'll learn in very personal and fun way!

Sunday, August 18, Noon to 2 PM, Yoga for Life, 714 N Fremont Street

Investment: $35 for YFL-members, $40 for all

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