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Ask A Guru: Dharma Teaching with Guruji Andrey Lappa


“Quiet mind, and open heart, that is the secret to human evolution,” says world-renowned Guruji Andrey Lappa, who is the founder of Universal Yoga, and a scholar of Hinduism and Buddhism at Karma Leksheyling Monastery in Nepal.

It is not every day that you get to meet and ask questions to a Vajrayana Lama and self-realized Master from the Himalayan mountains at your backyard yoga studio.  Why are we here?  What is the future of mankind?  How did yoga begin? 

Here is your opportunity to be part of an effort to evolve our minds and open our hearts through our understanding of yoga and spirituality in an hour-long Dharma Teaching at Yoga for Life. Join us Sunday, February 3rd, from 4-5 pm where you can learn answers to the questions you are searching for from a self-realized Master, Guruji Andrey Lappa.