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Infant Massage Class with Steph O'Donnell-Peters

infant massage

This is a 2 hour workshop to learn how to massage your infant. You will learn how to soothe gas, colic, ear aches, and so much more!

There will be time to have open discussions and conversations, without judgement, about early childhood behaviors, parenting, and more. This workshop is open to any and all moods of baby and parent or caregiver. Crying is a natural and common state for infants and is always welcome and encouraged in each class. There will be plenty of breaks during the workshop to help with comforting your infant, feeding times, changing diapers and anything else that may come up within the 2hrs. A large part of this workshop is about relaxation and centering yourself to respond to your infant's individual needs.

Each parent/caregiver will get a bottle of olive oil to use for massage during the course and at home.

Not a parent yet, but expecting?? You are also welcome! Just bring a plush body doll to practice on for classes.

Price is $40 per family

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If you have any questions, please call: 541-979-0315. You can also email me at: