•DAY 74• How Yoga Found Me

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•DAY 74 of 365• How Yoga Found Me

At one point in my life, I was in a sense losing everything I knew was normal in my world.  I entered Yoga for Life with hopes to find a release from the stresses from life and do something different.  I feel blessed that it did completely opposite of what I wished. When I started, I could go daily and realized rapidly that each class produced its own challenges of physical stress but also mental.  Trying to be in positions that I have never experienced before in intense heat forced me to have a gut check. The majority of the class was spent discovering how to make it to savasana. There were many times that the exit door felt very appealing but I knew if I ever left a class, I would probably never go back.  The struggle was not only physical but primarily mental. Mental struggles of I am not sure I can make it but also the mental aspects of life. So many struggles of life would arise while in one of the hardest postures. These struggles lasted only for a short bit but seemed to last for a lifetime.

Now,  my relationship with Yoga is one of gratitude and love.  There are not very many things in life that I have come across that can help you take such a deep look into yourself to promote healing and growth.  Yoga is a way of life for me. Understanding the simplistic philosophies presented can help you manage most struggles and conflicts you will encounter with ease.  The freedom of mental stress and physical pain has been a gift that Yoga has given me.

Raj Patra