•Day 1• Yoga as a sustainable New Year's Resolution


•Day 1 of 365•

New Year's Resolutions: A How-To Guide to Setting your intentions and actually keeping them

+ Choose your goal(s) and create a system of accountability.
With our #LifeLikeAYogi 365 days of Yoga challenge this can be in the form of affirming #hashtags and consistent reflection. Remind yourself what you are trying to change in your life and why. In Yoga this self reflection is called #svadhyaya with #tapas being the cultivation of discipline.

+ Be clear in your motivations, and then decide to actually make the change.
Join our #YFL365 day challenge to work towards your goals a little bit every day. Rather than focusing on the steps required, direct your energy and attention on where you want it to go. Energy flows where attention goes. Know that even if progress looks different than you expected you are still planting seeds that will one day bear fruit. + Visualize achieving your goals. In Yoga this is a form of meditation called #Yantrayana. Move forward with firm conviction - or #shraddha - and work towards a life you seek. Talk about your goals as if you have already achieved them. Words have power, and using positive language can affect you on a sub-conscious and even cellular level.

+ Most importantly, make sure the process brings you #joy.
Celebrate your progress, no matter how big or small, and have patience with the journey. If you feel like you have lost momentum a little bit of creativity can go a long way! Remember, no effort is ever wasted. You can always talk with your yoga teachers here at YFL for help.

Awareness + Mindful discipline + Time = Success

Photo by: @brianacerezo

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