•Day 21• Vajrayana Prayer of Karma


•Day 21 of 365• 
I dedicate the merits of my practice, for the spiritual liberation of all sentient beings. And through this merit may I quickly reach enlightenment, and bring all beings, without any exclusions, to the same state of consciousness. - Vajrayana prayer of Karma Leksheyling Monastery

The first time I heard the mantra of karmic liberation my mind was blown. 
I had come to #lifelikeayogi carrying a deep pain that was rooted in the oppression of everything I identified as from a human perspective. This practice has lifted so much of that weight from my shoulders knowing that regardless of our differences at one time or another we are all meant to share a collective consciousness. Today we celebrate an enlightened being who chose to practice #ahimsa (non-violence) .
In honor of #mindfulmonday take this time to reflect on seeking out the peaceful approach to conflict in your own life. 
Words: @basic.blaec.girl 
photo: @brianacerezophoto 
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