•Day 18• Campbell's First UY Class!


•Day 18 of 365•

Come be a part of @campbell.clarey 's #LifeLikeAYogi journey during the deep and unique experience of a #UniversalYoga class.

Seek sensation, Embrace discomfort. Join me as I teach my first(!!!) #UniversalYoga single mat class tomorrow morning, 8:30AM @yogaforlifepdx A fascinating and limitless practice that has shifted my path since my first time experiencing it. Looking back on the last year, I’ve been pushed outside of my comfort zone more than ever before. It’s all thanks to the yoga community that I am honored to be part of. Sometimes I need the extra push, the extra vote of confidence, to remind myself of & discover my capabilities.

Words by: @campbell.clarey 
Photo by: @brianacerezo