•Day 12• Deities & Meditation


•Day 12 of 365•
Deities & Meditation
This is Vajrasattva, one of the main deities of the ancient #Vajrayana lineage of Buddhism. Temples and Monasteries in India and Nepal have large and small scale deities for many reasons. On a superficial level each deity has its own stories and mythologies. Knowing these stories invokes awe, humility, reverence, and a sense of surrender within the observer. Additionally, a deeper understanding of the deity reveals all the essential symbolism it encapsulates in order to captivate your eyes and trap your mind. This tool for the trapping of your thoughts is what brings about a meditative state. ⠀⠀⠀

Vajrasattva holds a bell in his left hand symbolic of nada - "sound" or "vibration" - in the first chakra, and illumination of the heart chakra by holding a #vajra with his right hand. The message illustrated by these symbols is one of opening your heart towards unconditional love through practices which vibrate (or open) your #chakras from the bottom to the top.

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