•Day 5• The Mayakoshas

•Day 5 of 365•

Do you know that you are more than what the eye can see?

All five Mayakoshas - the food-sheath, air-sheath, mind-sheath, wisdom-sheath, and the bliss-sheath - cover up the soul, or in Sanskrit, Atman, that resides in each of us just as a lamp shade covers a brilliant, luminous light.

In order to understand the Mayakoshas it is important to first have a working knowledge of the concept of *embodiment*. Embodiment means the representation or expression of something in a tangible or visible form. In Yoga, these manifestations or layers of the self are called Mayakoshas. Such layers constitute an arena through which we can encounter the world. Think of it as a "tent of experiences" under which you experience life.

So what is beneath the embodiment?

The process of embodiment is a top-down endeavor where the soul takes on various coats of worldly-weight. However, to dis-embody it may be easier to illustrate it in the reverse order. By taking off the coat of the tangible later first (the touchable, discernible, corporeal) before addressing the ethereal layer (the intangible, unworldly, divine) we begin to see what's underneath in small, digestible steps.

Keep reading over the next few posts as we unpack each next layer.

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