•Day 4• Journey to Spirituality

nepal nun.JPG

•Day 4 of 365•

This photo was taken on our annual studio retreat to Nepal.

The young girl photographed here is a Buddhist nun heading towards her home within the monastery. Our experiences are vastly different, our languages too, but when my eyes met hers there was no denying the warmth and regard from one soul to another. What makes this moment special is the unhindered, non-pretentious smile from the heart which makes you feel seen.

Monks and nuns live a life of simplicity and contentment, reminding us all to find happiness from within. This is especially humbling for us in the West where consumerism and dissatisfaction permeate through our daily lives.

We understand traveling is a privilege, but we also know we may never see what lies outside of our belief systems until we travel to places as rich in the essence of humanity like this.

Discover why Nepal is a constant source of inspiration for curious yogis and travelers alike. Message us to learn more about Nepal and visit our website, www.yogaforlifepdx.com if you have an inner calling to go there.

Photo cred: @ajcarpinelli

Subject: Young nun in Kathmandu