•Day 10• The Dance of Shiva

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•Day 10 of 365•
YFL would like to share a special dance with you all. 
What is it?
It’s called Shiva Nata. The #DanceofShiva, is a very rare sequence of movements that serves as a technique for making new synaptic connections in your brain.

It’s a game with your limbs, while attempting beautiful coordination between the left and the right side of your body, between your arms and your legs, with Zen-like meditative attention.
This ancient technique remained dormant in the Himalayas, almost completely lost, until Guruji Andrey Lappa, the founder of Universal Yoga lineage resurrected it.

Shiva Nata is a dance of geometry and science, interlaced with the foundation of concentration. Practitioners are able to remember information easily, and develop cat-like reflexes if they commit to practice regularly.

This dance not only enhances neuroplasticity but the development of the acuteness of the brains cognitive abilities, and predictive logic balances through coordination and reaction of the body.
Check it out for yourself on Saturday mornings at 8AM right before #universalyoga class.

Incredible photography by @brianacerezophoto
Yoginis: @ashleycpaul @gaba_lucy@yoganyarose

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