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Hot Hatha

75 minutes - always heated to 105 degrees

Hot Hatha is a series comprised of 36 uniquely sequenced asana poses. This class begins with pranayamas (breathing exercises) to warm-up the body followed by static strengthening and stretching poses. This class is perfect for practitioners of all levels.

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Power Vinyasa

60 or 75 minutes - heated & non-heated

A dynamic asanas class designed for the elevation of the mind-body connection. Classes are created with the intention of linking breath and movement. This class will leave your spirit softened and your mind clear. All levels of students are welcome.

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Master Poses

75 & 90 minutes - non-heated

Divided into two offerings, these workshop-style classes are designed to push your practice to the next level. Different from a traditional yoga flow, each class includes conditioning exercises and deep stretching to prepare you for more challenging yoga asanas. Each class will help you unlock poses like splits and leg-behind-the head (Lower Body), as well as handstands and back bends (Upper Body).

For a completely balanced practice and to see the most improvement, we recommend taking both classes.


Deep Stretch & Meditation

75 or 90 minutes - non-heated

This class has you holding postures longer allowing your attention to turn inwards. Practitioners delve into deeper layers of their practice by focusing on the muscles around every major joint. This class will help with mental clarity and the flow of prana throughout the body.

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Universal Yoga Single Mat

75 minutes - non-heated

This class serves as an introduction to the practice of Universal Yoga. Every week begin to understand the principles of UY through a condensed version of our monthly Mandala Yoga classes.

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Universal Yoga Mandala

3 hours - non-heated

Universal Yoga is a style of yoga based on the entirety of a human being. In traditional yoga, it is said that we consist of seven shells known as the Maya Koshas. Every Universal Yoga class is a mission to harmonize each of the layers that resides within us. While most lineages of yoga practice on one linear single yoga mat Universal Yoga attempts to expand the possibilities of asanas by layering two mats in the shape of a cross. This combination allows yogis to combine a variety of poses in order to influence more parts of the body to impact our physical and psychic energies.

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Foundations of Yoga

60 minutes - non-heated

This class is a back-to-basics for new and experienced yogis on the path. Grasp the concepts of asana in a way that breaks down the Sanskrit names of a yoga sequence, and begin to recognize the sensations of your body’s movement in an asana practice.

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Monday Meditation

45 minutes - non-heated

You will learn different Himalayan meditation techniques to calm your mind and bring your gaze to an internal space - returning attention to the source of attention.

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Dharma Talks

60 minutes to full day workshops

You will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of topics including: Tantric Philosophy, the Chakra system, The Effect of Music on Emotion, The Playbook of Happiness


Shiva Nata

20 minute practice

The practice of the dance of Shiva improves reaction speed, memory and builds new neuro-pathways.