Working with Andrey is a head rush, in part because of the brilliance of his intellect and the sheer inventiveness of what he is doing.
— YogaChicago, 2001

Universal Yoga Level 1 Training with Dorje Andrey Lappa

Level 1 Program Dates and Times:

  • June 20 - June 29: Daily, 8AM to 7:30PM
  • June 30 - July 1: Daily, 8AM to Noon
  • Exam for certification: July 1, 3-6PM, cannot be rescheduled

What is Universal Yoga?

Universal Yoga is a multi-faceted yoga system with the goal of spiritual growth and liberation. To achieve this goal, Universal Yoga employs traditional yogic methods and techniques, from the rich philosophical heritage of Hinduism, Buddhism, Tantra, and modern science. The system is suitable for any practitioner seeking to become conscious of and liberated from their behaviors and individual patterns. This individual evolution is used to influence change within and then in the individual's surrounding environment. The goal of this micro- and macro-change is to inspire all beings towards karmic liberation–enlightenment. Universal Yoga is complex, but at the same time very simple.


“Yoga is strength, balance, and unification.” This is the essence of what Dorje Andrey Lappa*, a Ukrainian Yoga Master and a self-realized Vajrayana Buddhist, has explained yoga to be. A world-renowned teacher, who's life’s work has been to study and teach yoga philosophy and techniques, Dorje Lappa has spent most of his life in India and Nepal training with B.K.S. Iyengar, Patthabi Jois, Desikachar, Bhagavan Sri Rajnish, and also remote Himalayan yogis. Dorje Lappa is trained in Kalarypayat (an ancient Indian martial art), Bharata Natyam (an ancient style of Indian dance), Zyong-Shin and Viet-Vo-Dao (ancient Vietnamese martial arts), and in Karate. Currently, Dorje Lappa lives in Nepal and teaches mostly throughout Asia. Dorje Andrey Lappa’s disciple, Raj Patra is the co-founder of Yoga for Life.
(*Dorje is a Vajrayana Buddhism title of respect, acknowledging the accomplishment of enlightenment.)


    The Level 1 training is for serious yoga practitioners who want to wake up their consciousness and learn from the profound lineage of Universal Yoga. The program is also for currently certified yoga teachers, who want to further their education and teaching skills from a Yoga Master and legend of modern times. Dorje Lappa’s Universal Yoga program is a Yoga Alliance Accredited 300-hour advanced program and successful participants (who already have a 200-hour credential) can receive a 500-hour certification.

    Prerequisite: Recommended. To get the most from this program, it is strongly recommended to take the Preparatory Coursework for Universal Yoga with Raj Patra starting January 5, 2018. To graduate from Dorje Lappa’s program, you must take a written and practical exam after each of the three levels. Raj’s coursework will help provide the foundation for Dorje Lappa’s program.

    Tuition: For each level, tuition is $1,800. An additional $100 is required for examination and certification process for each level.

    Curriculum: Level 1 training focuses on external practices of Universal Yoga.  You will learn about sub-styles of yoga, asana pairs in multi-directional orientation, Himalayan vinyasas, Chakras, Maya-koshas, Bandhas, Rasas, principles of digital balancing, and more. In addition, you'll learn Level 1 training on Shiva Nata, the Dance of Shiva.

    Additional topics include:

    • Mayakosha Theory
    • Directions of Mobility
    • Marmas and energetic balancing in Asana
    • Asanas for Raja Yoga
    • Alignments in Asanas
    • Asana Combinations
    • Creation of new Asanas
    • Static Strength Endurance Training
    • Asanas for balance
    • Shiva Nata Level 1
    • Savasana Theory
    • Mrita Mudra Theory
    • Asanas for levels of Complexity
    • Acro-yoga Techniques
    • Bandhas and Mudras
    • Asanas for Pranayama
    • Asanas for attention development & consciousness control